Study day removed from calendar

By: Andrew Redd ~Guest Writer~ Many students copying the academic calendar into their planners this semester were shocked to discover that study day, the Monday of finals week that has traditionally been a free day for students to prepare for exams, had been removed from the calendar. The decision to remove study day was made two years ago by the Calendar Committee, a university committee that deals with the calendar. The Calendar Committee consists of twelve faculty/staff members and one student. Senior Director for the Division of Student Affairs and a sitting member of the Calendar Committee, Leah Busam- Klenowski … Continue reading Study day removed from calendar

Feasty food app offers free deals

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ Anthony Breen, an entrepreneur, was faced with a dilemma many college students face late one Friday night: what and where to eat. Breen decided to create an app that could help make his decision. This app, available for Apple and Android devices, is called Feasty and was launched on March 7. Using geolocation, the app is able to locate nearby restaurants with exclusive, limited deals. These deals are all free, unlike Groupon, which requires purchase in order to use. Breen, a Xavier alumnus, promoted the app with a large discount for Xavier students at the … Continue reading Feasty food app offers free deals

Senate elected, some candidates disqualified

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ The SGA senate election took place last week, and the winning candidates have been announced. The senators-elect are: Anthony Luster, Brennan Mullins, Chris Harding, Jacob Jansen, Johnny Srsich, Michael Krauza, Sarah Ochieng, Sunny Guo and Sylvia Chemweno. In addition, the winning write in candidates are: Benmun Damul, Brandon Luther, Dan Celani, Ethan Alter, Johnese Sherron, Jonathan Pickman, Josh Tye, Luis Gomez, McKenzie Lauver, Owen Grieves and Valerie Okpadile. The voter turnout was about 9 percent of the undergraduate population, with 420 votes cast. First-year student Jacob Jansen expressed his hopes for the coming term. “I hope … Continue reading Senate elected, some candidates disqualified