Feasty food app offers free deals

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~

Anthony Breen, an entrepreneur, was faced with a dilemma many college students face late one Friday night: what and where to eat.

Breen decided to create an app that could help make his decision.

This app, available for Apple and Android devices, is called Feasty and was launched on March 7.

Using geolocation, the app is able to locate nearby restaurants with exclusive, limited deals.

These deals are all free, unlike Groupon, which requires purchase in order to use.

Breen, a Xavier alumnus, promoted the app with a large discount for Xavier students at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse.

“The event was exclusively for people who use the Feasty app,” Zeina Farhat, a campus advisor for Feasty, said. “Within 24 hours, people had ordered all 250 tickets.”

The coupon granted a buffet style meal for those who obtained the ticket, with additional coupons for drinks.

Students enjoyed the discounted meal on March 18, which was set to celebrate Xavier’s position in the NCAA basketball tournament.

The app is currently well reviewed on both the Google Play and the iTunes store, with a five star review.

Though partially due to the sparsity in reviews, a total of nine between the two sites, reactions to the app have been generally positive.

“What’s not to like about it? College students can get a bang for their buck, and the app is connected to local businesses such as Dana’s to offer free or heavily discounted items,” Farhat said.

The app is designed for ease of use, with users only required to scroll through a page for discounts.

These discounts come in various forms and are usually connected to local businesses.

However, not all reviews are positive, with one student voicing the belief that it doesn’t vary enough from other apps.

“Most of the deals are OTR, and I don’t go down there that often,” Cecilia Nonis said. “I can pretty much just follow twitter accounts to get good discounts.”