Xavier Singers’ Battle of the Sexes Review

By: Brandon Martin

Xavier University Singers’ production of Battle of the Sexes was a knockout. Put on this past weekend, Battle of the Sexes was their last show of the year and was met with emphatic audience participation.

Each Singer had his or her own song ranging from dramatic to comical, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Particularly captivating performances came from Alex Rogers, Zach Julian and Rio Van Risseghem.

Each of them drew eyes whenever they were on stage with their magnetic stage presences. Julian’s rendition of “Billie Jean” electrified the audience with a masterful combination of singing and group choreography. The highlight of the show came right before intermission.

Senior Lisa Bachmann, performed a powerful dance number, accompanied by the vocals of Lauretta Ruppert and her fellow seniors as dance partners, showing off their talent in their final Singers show. The piece was dedicated to Bachmann’s late mother, making it more powerful.

On the whole it was a good show; the only drawbacks were the design elements. The lighting in particular was often disjointed with the show, and the use of the projector was distracting. While these did detract from the experience, they did not detract from the great performances of the individuals.

Rating: Four Stars