X-treme Fans gives advice for first-years

By: Chris Behler

Xavier Newswire staff writer Chris Behler sits down with X-treme Fans President Thomas Edney and Secretary Joey Brosky.

Xavier Newswire: For first year students who don’t know, what is X-treme Fans?

Joey Brosky: X-treme Fans is a student organization that advocates Xavier’s athletic program. X-treme Fans promotes athletics by hosting events and cheering on the athletes at games. We are currently the largest student organization on campus.

XN: For what sports will X-treme Fans be offering events and promotions at the beginning of the fall semester?

Thomas Edney: X-treme Fans will be offering events and promotions for men’s and women’s soccer, as well as volleyball. All of these sports have a different climate to them, and all are equally as fun. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Facebook and download the X-PULSE application to make sure you know when these events are happening.

XN: What X-treme Fans events can first year students look forward to in the next month as the fall semester begins?

TE: First-years have many great opportunities to get involved on campus in the first month of school. X-treme Fans has several events coming up that first years can attend, such as the Week of Welcome volleyball game at 3 p.m. on Aug. 31 in Cintas Center. Men’s Soccer games will occur on both Sept. 4 and 10.

XN: Can anybody join X-treme Fans? Where can first year students go to learn more about X-treme Fans?

JB: Only undergraduate students may join X-treme Fans, and can join via the website Orgsync.com. Only an email address is required to join. Students can also keep up with us by following us on Twitter @XU_Xtreme_Fans.

XN: Are there any upcoming opportunities to help out for a first year student who wants to get involved in X-treme Fans? How can a first year student apply to be on the Board?

JB: Students can apply to be on the Board of Directors in September, which we will be accepting three new members. Students can learn more about the application process by visiting Club Day on the Mall on Sept. 2 on the Xavier Yard in front of Gallagher Student Center (GSC). Students wishing to apply for a board position may also directly email us at X-tremefans@xavier.edu.

XN: How can first year students stay up-to-date with X-treme Fans events? What information can you share with the Newswire about the new sports application?

TE: Students can stay up to date with X-treme fans events through Facebook (Blue Blob) and Twitter (@XU_Xtreme_Fans). Students can also look out for campus promotions that will be placed a few days before game days. X-treme Fans is also getting an application for iPhone and Droid devices, called X-PULSE. X-PULSE will be the means of keeping track of the amount of points earned for going to events for students, notifying students of events and many more exciting things. We will have the application up and running for the Week of Welcome event.

XN: What would you tell first year students about X-treme Fans and Xavier sports?

JB: I would recommend first years to try to make it to at least one game in every sport the University offers. Each sport has its own unique atmosphere whether it (is) volleyball, soccer or basketball. I think experiencing the hype of Division I athletics can really supplement one’s college experience.

TE: All the games are fun. Go to as many of them as you can, for all the sports. It really does help the team perform to their full competitive level and it is a great way to show your Xavier pride. Xavier athletics is going through a huge change right now entering the Big East conference, and having the students support and enthusiasm will make the experience better for everyone.