You wanna run a pickle farm? Redmond’s advice on the nuances of business

By: Redmond Millerick And no, I’m not talking about a nudist colony. Unless, of course, you’re into that type of thing. What I’m talking about is having the drive, creativity and insight to do something bold. Something daring. Something that has played in the back of your mind since that first lemonade stand. Starting your own business. Now, becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult process. It takes time, hard work and the strength to keep pushing. Above all, it takes an idea. That’s the reasoning behind the phrase, “So you want to run a pickle farm?” Your idea doesn’t need … Continue reading You wanna run a pickle farm? Redmond’s advice on the nuances of business

Instagram filters reality for social media model

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~ Thousands of likes on an Instagram photo of model Essena O’Neill with a perfect beach backdrop could lead social media users to believe that the woman’s life is as perfect as the picture. The social media model has recently caused quite a stir, however, by claiming that her pictures, and many social media stars’ photos, as well, are not as perfect as they appear. Since she was 12, Australianborn O’Neill has been regularly posting on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, among other social media platforms, to gain followers from all over the world. This has led … Continue reading Instagram filters reality for social media model

‘March Gladness’ returns to Xavier

By: Rich Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Xavier is launching the second annual social media takeover called “March Gladness” from March 9-11. The program is run by many groups on campus, including students, faculty, alumni and staff. “I love that March Gladness isn’t just about the giving but incorporates it with general engagement of students, staff and faculty,” Molly Dugan, assistant director for leadership and orientation in the Office of Student Involvement Molly Dugan said. Beginning in 2014, the program is designed as both a way to celebrate the Xavier community as well as to promote giving. “In 2014, we decided to … Continue reading ‘March Gladness’ returns to Xavier