SGA executives’ platform checklist

By: Andrew Koch

After a summer in office, the Student Government Association (SGA) executives released a progress update concerning their platform from last spring’s SGA elections.

Listed below are their four main platform goals and how they have progressed in each area:

Improvements to the study abroad program: President Drew Dziedzic and his administration hoped to expand university-sponsored study abroad options for students based on other universities’ programs. So far, they have worked to create a study abroad advising system to help students learn about their options.

Improvements to the university’s shuttle system: The SGA executives have yet to provide an improved evening shuttle service, but they have researched other universities’ shuttle systems and created a shuttle task force to investigate feasible options for the university. The group has been meeting throughout the summer and will publish their recommendation on Nov. 1.


Developing a “homecoming week” of Xavier traditions: The SGA executives have developed “1831 Week,” a week of events designed to bring the Xavier community together and foster traditions. The week of events is modeled after similar

Improved ALL Card usage: In their platform, Dziedzic and his vice presidents stated they would work with lohomecoming weeks at other universities and hopes to emulate the kind of Xavier tradition embodied by the Crosstown Campout. cal businesses to make X-Cash usable at off-campus institutions like Dana Gardens and Stones Lanes. They also hoped to create a one-time, flat laundry fee that would be part of students’ tuition. However, their summer update did not mention any progress toward these goals.