Tom Kenny and Jerry Minors discuss “Brickleberry” season

By: Patrick E. Phillips


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The Comedy Central television series “Brickleberry,” produced by Daniel Tosh, recently began its second season. Offering some insights into the future of the show, “Brickleberry” voice actors Tom Kenny and Jim Minors shared their excitement about the show as well as their own personal work in the series.

“Brickleberry” focuses around a group of park rangers who watch over Brickleberry National Park while finding themselves in hilarious situations.

Tom Kenny, best known as the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, plays Woody, an old park ranger struggling to encourage tourists to come to the park. Jerry Minor, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, plays Denzel Jackson, a horrible park ranger with an attraction to older women.

“The show just looks better,” Minor said. “There have also been tweaks in the writing staff, and the show has gotten better all around.”“We have built a machine both in terms of content and style,” Kenny said. “Our premiere did well for our demographic which attests to that.”

Kenny contrasted his previous, kid-oriented work with “Brickleberry.” “I’ve always liked working in different arenas,” Kenny said. “It’s always really fun in its own way.” “Brickleberry” will contain even more outlandish situations than it did in the past. “My character and Ethel (played by Natasha Leggero) find a cavewoman,” Minors said, “which Denzel immediately jumps on.”

The cast members reflected on the similarities of “Brickleberry” with other adult-oriented animated sitcoms such as “Family Guy” and “South Park.” “Both those shows have the fingerprints of their creators on them,” Kenny said. “Every show has its own vibe and way of doing things.

The creators of this show also have their own unique comedy.” Minor expressed his enjoyment in constantly doing work in a field with which he is not so familiar. “It’s a departure from what I’ve done before,” Minor said.

“Brickleberry” airs at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.