Staff Editorial 9-25-13

As of this week, several new kiosks were installed on campus with helpful maps and information to aid students in navigating the complicated Xavier shopping mall, I mean, er, campus.

The Newswire staff wholeheartedly approves of this beneficial addition to our campus life.

Xavier has grown over the past few years, making campus increasingly difficult to navigate. Many of us have humanities majors; it has been challenging — to say the least — to find buildings such as Albers, Elet and Cohen, even with the addition of those nifty blue signs above each building. It’s impossible to tell them apart. They even have some strange Hogwartsesque building on campus. (Maybe we’re not Muggles after all.)

It’s so kind of the university to help us in these struggles by installing kiosks on campus. Who needs a Marauder’s Map when you can find the pretty kiosk that tells you precisely where you are on such a massive campus?

We at the Newswire are so proud of the university’s commitment to bettering life for its students. Who needs to study in the CLC 24/5, participate in a service learning semester or have a usable classroom building when we have fancy kiosks?

So we applaud you, Xavier. Thank you for aiding us along our journey to become educated and fulfilled members of society.