Thank you to everyone that means anything

By: Jeff Ullery ~Copy Editor~ Jimmy Fallon has the right idea. College is a whirlwind. A series of nights staying up late doing homework, hours spent in the caf and memories made with people whom you will regard as your best friends. At times, it has all blurred together for me and left me breathless, either from exhaustion or awe. It’s kind of like when you listen to a favorite piece of music: you’re listening for the good parts, singing along and enjoying each moment until suddenly you realize it’s over and all you want to do is listen to it … Continue reading Thank you to everyone that means anything

Newswire presidential Endorsement

By: Brent M.F. Raines ~Shit Spewer & Rule Breaker Since 1994~ The 2016 Presidential Election has pulled the strange out for both of America’s political parties. On one side, we have an admitted socialist who looks like he’s part of the Saturday morning chess club at the local McDonald’s, and Hillary Clinton. On the other, we have Kevin from the Office and a candidate who has been described as a “white Kanye West.” Clearly, this election needs sanity and common sense. We need Vermin Supreme. Galosh-wearing Supreme might not seem like your typical candidate, with his rugged beard and consistently … Continue reading Newswire presidential Endorsement