Edgecliff College Alumni Association and Women of Excellence show new art exhibit

By: Alex Spindler

The Edgecliff College Alumni Association and the Women of Excellence recently unveiled their new art exhibit featuring paintings and sculptures by Edgecliff alumni.

Located on the third floor of Gallagher Student Center, the gallery opened this past Sunday and plans to auction off selected works to contribute to scholarship funds for future liberal arts students at Xavier.

In addition, the reunion of so many alumni strengthens the bond of both Edgecliff College and Xavier students, past and present, in a fashion that displays artistry and community.

Kitty Uetz, director for Xavier University Art Galleries, spearheaded the initiative to attract old graduates of Edgecliff College in assisting with the gallery, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The artists seem very happy to be back together at Xavier exhibiting their art and reconnecting for a good cause,” Uetz said.

All proceeds from works sold will go to the Edgecliff Alumni Fund. Edgecliff College was a private Catholic women’s college founded in 1935.

In 1980, the college merged with Xavier University to allow students of both sexes to attend until the college eventually shut its doors in 1986.

A lasting memorial to the spirit of the women’s college is Edgecliff Hall located at the end of the academic mall which houses the Department of Music & Theatre.

The Edgecliff Alumni Association was originally formed to give leadership and philanthropic opportunities to women of Xavier and Edgecliff Alumni.

Cathy Tepe, committee chair of the association, said that the idea of fine arts and an exhibition was the just the solution for forming a camaraderie like no other.

“As history shows, Edgecliff College was known as a great place to study art and theater,” Tepe said.

“Lots of talented artists who graduate from Edgecliff are still practicing art, so having this exhibition just seemed like the perfect idea.

“The works displayed prominently around the circle along with the scatters of Xavier and Edgecliff alumni reflect a rich history of Xavier’s past,” she said.

Tepe, along with other members of the community, gathered to celebrate the artistic achievements of those in the Jesuit tradition.

To see some of the artwork featured until the end of October, visit the third floor of Gallagher Student Center.