Gems of the Cincinnati Midpoint Music Festival

By: Kyle Grimm

This year’s Midpoint Music Festival was another spectacular success. The headliners were great, with Shuggie Otis, The Head and the Heart and The Breeders putting on fantastic shows. However, as with any music festival, the true enjoyment comes from the hidden gems: littleknown bands that put on a surprisingly wonderful show. Here are a few of those bands that you should consider looking into.

Dent May

Dent May was one of the final acts on Thursday, playing in the Below Zero Lounge.

May’s blend of pop-rock was infectious, and he was one of the most energetic performers in the festival.

The highlight was during the final song, when May put his guitar down and started singing amongst the crowd, even jumping on top of the bar at one point.
Check out his website for some of his


No band looked like it was having as much fun as Bethesda.
A group from Akron and Kent, it played a special brand of foot-stomping folk.

The band members had perpetual smiles on their faces and the crowd was dancing along to their tunes.

Check them out at

  Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare put on a fantastic show at MOTR Pub Saturday night.

This alternative rock band is comprised entirely of women.

The band’s songs were slower than that of most alternative bands, but the distortion was cranked up and reverberated throughout the room.

You can find out more about Ancient Warfare at ancientwarfaresound. com.

Kansas Bible Company

Kansas Bible Company played on the Midway Stage at the corner of 12th and Vine, which was open to anyone.

This 11-piece band had a jazzrock mixture, featuring a prominent horn section.

The energy was high, and the tunes were incredible. Kansas Bible Company drew the largest crowd on the Midway Stage.

You can view the band’s website at All of these bands put on excellent shows.

One may turn out to be the next big thing.