Staff editorial: breast cancer awareness month


October is breast cancer awareness month. Many of us remember this when we see pink apparel donned by NFL players, or we may recall it by the numerous walks and races to raise money for research throughout the United States.

This month allows those affected to remember those who have lost their lives, are still battling this widespread disease and those who are survivors. October is a month to make the realities of cancer painfully obvious to us. It is a disease that is relentless in the worst possible way.

Confronting mortality is a basic human task, but it seems unfair that some people must do so in the face of terminal illness. Cancer can terrify us, worry us and even paralyze us. This month, then, is a chance to express solidarity with both victims and survivors.

Cancer is a disease that leaves most people feeling helpless — the ill, their caregivers and their loved ones. There is little that we can do to truly ease the suffering of our dear friends and family members who have had to fight this disease, but raising money for research is one of the most important ways that we can have an effect. By financially supporting the doctors and researchers working tirelessly to find new ways to treat and cure cancer, we can channel our energy and our hope to honor those who have suffered and we can continue the fight for those who have fallen to this terrible disease.

This October, then is a time to remember. We must remember those who have passed away, those who are still fighting with friends and family by their sides and those who are at risk. It is also a time to remember our agency, no matter how helpless we feel. We may not be able to fix the world in our favor, but we should continue to fight, no matter the cost.