Xavier Safety reports thefts in campus buildings due to stolen master keys

By: Lydia Rogers

Xavier Safety has reported that there have been three separate occurrences between July and October of this year in which the master keys had been stolen from the department offices and used to break into other campus buildings. Items such as laptops, textbooks and other miscellaneous personal belongings were reported stolen.

Joint investigation has been initiated with Cincinnati, Norwood and Xavier University Police Department. Local bookstores, pawnshops and other shops and businesses in the area have been notified of the thefts and instructed to be alert and keep an eye out for stolen property.

So far, one juvenile has been interviewed and subsequently charged with the theft of the laptops. A second juvenile has also been identified in connection with the most recent thefts. Currently, further investigation is pending.

The thefts have posed some safety concerns among students and faculty on campus. “Members of the community should always secure their belongings, especially office and room keys,” Director and Chief of Police Michael Couch said. He suggested that personal affects should be locked away in compartments or cabinets in case of any other break-ins. He also suggested that any signs of theft or suspicious behaviors should be reported immediately.

Couch expressed that he does not believe that the recent thefts pose any major threats to the safety of campus. “The thefts are opportunity crimes perpetrated by neighborhood juveniles,” Couch said. “They have occurred primarily after hours and weekends when the university offices and buildings are normally closed.”

Couch expressed that the best way to prevent any further thefts was for members of the community to remain alert. “Be vigilant and remind people to secure their belongings. Be aware of any suspicious person or situations, and never leave office, room or car keys unattended in un-secure areas,” Couch said.