#finalsweektips “Some of the best and brightest of popular culture tweet advice on how to perform well on finals”


Sheldon Cooper @zazzyzazzles #KnowWhereYouStandInTheClassBeforehand Knowing your current grade is important to knowing how well you need to do on the exam. Your exam could be worth a huge portion of your final grade. Talk with your teacher or calculate on your own so you can understand what grade can increase, decrease or keep your grade now. #Bazinga!
 Hermione  Hermione Granger @brightestwitch#Don’tCram Cramming before a final is not an effective way to study. Avoid cramming by making a study schedule that you’ll stick to. Instead of spending one or two days completely on one final, spend maybe an hour or two, studying three or four days in advance.
 Nefario  Dr. Nefario @nefarianprinciple#RemoveYourselfFromDistractions Turn your phone on silent. Deactivate your Facebook until you’ve finished studying. Head to an optimal study location where you’re forced to study, such as the library.
 Nye  Bill Nye @thescienceguy#GetEnoughSleep According to the University of Georgia Health Center, an adult needs six to 10 hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep can decrease stress, improve academic performance and keep the body healthy. Naps should be taken early in the day for 20 to 30 minutes. Power naps can give you a boost of energy and provide a mental break needed before studying or heading to an exam. #sciencerules
 Tony Stark  Tony Stark @iamironman#TakeBreaks After a certain period of time, your brain needs a mental break. If not, you may find yourself taking even longer to finish tasks. Step away from your work for 30 minutes to an hour. Take a power nap, grab a meal or watch TV. Just let your brain go on cruise control for awhile.
 Xavier  Charles Xavier @professorx#EatRight Eating right is important to ensure that your mind is at optimal performance. Know your personal calorie limit and try and stay within it. Avoid skipping breakfast. Aim for a balanced plate: an even spread of vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins and dairy. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Decrease your intake of foods high in fats, sugars and salt. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. #mindpower
 Holmes  Sherlock Holmes @sherlocked#PlayToYourStrengths If you’re a visual person, you may do better with charts, graphs, or pictures. If you do better with flashcards, use them. If you work best in a group, plan a group study. #DoYourResearch
 Urkel  Steve Urkel @dididothat#UseYourResources If your teacher gives you a study guide, use it to study. Don’t hesitate to go to your teacher up until the exam to ask any questions or discuss anything. Remember they’re your teacher until your exam is over.
 Bones  Dr. Temperance Brennan @dontcallmebones#GroupStudyIsNotSocialHour Remember to focus during group study. While it’s okay to have conversation every once in a while, your conversation should be more about the exam and not what’s happening next weekend. To help manage time efficiently, set goals for the group. #squints
 Belle  Belle @bellethebeauty#TakeTheExamOneQuestionAtATimeDon’t panic when you get the exam. Focus on one question at a time. If you don’t know the answer come back to it. If you have a question during the exam, do not hesitate to ask. Don’t let the exam get the best of you.
 Brian  Brian Johnshon @breakfastclubbrian#Prioritize Spend more time studying on your harder classes than your easier classes. If there are sections of information you find more difficult to understand make sure to study that more intensely too.
 Kevin  Kevin Gnapoor @mathletemc#BeOnTimeCheck on the registrar site or with your teacher to know when your exam is, and then make sure you’re there on time. Set your alarm and even a backup alarm. The last thing you need is to not show up to your exam or show up late.
 Sam  Sam Winchester @nolongersoulesssam#WhenIt’sOver,It’sOver Once you turn in your exam, don’t dwell on it. Unless it’s your last exam, you still have others to take. Thinking about your previous exam is not going to help you prepare for the one ahead. If it is your last exam, enjoy your break. The semester is over and a new one lies ahead. If you do have serious concerns, contact your professor.