New Manresa Core prepares for application process

By: Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~

Applications for group leaders and staff members for Manresa have been posted online for students who are interested in this leadership opportunity.

The application is a straightforward set up of fill-in questions, asking about things related to Xavier and general short answers. The group leader position involves the co-leading of a Manresa group of first-year students.

Staff members are in charge of the behind the scenes work and logistics of the long weekend. The job involves three to four days of training, helping to move the first-years in through the Move Crew, and then the actual Manresa program.

The Manresa core team in charge of this process is made up of students who have participated in Manresa in the past, juniors Sam Birchfield, Patrick Cannel, and Caitlin Ray, and sophomores Colin Foos and Sydney Smith. They are looking for anyone interested in welcoming the Xavier Class of 2018 to the university.

“Manresa is one of the greatest ways to get involved at the university. You can be exposed to so many different facets of campus,” Caitlin Ray, a member of this year’s Core, said.  “I can explain to a lot of my friends that being a part of the orientation team is a lot like summer camp. Manresa is the best way to start your school year off.”

After applying for Manresa, applicants will go though an interview process. At the end of the application, those who apply can chose a date between Feb.  7 and 12to interview with this year’s core members, past core members, and seniors who have participated in Manresa. Training days are still to be determined by core but will occur in the days leading up to Manresa.

The application can be found at the link This link can be used to apply for Resident Assistant and Smooth Transition positions as well. The application is due at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 31.