New Food, Fine Art, Old Treasures

By: Rayshaunda Byrd ~Guest Writer~

Nearly 300 guests attended a preview earlier this week featuring certain items from Cowan’s “Fine and Decorative Art Auction,” which will be held February 14-15. “Cincinnati Magazine,” in conjunction with Cowan’s Auctions, hosted an “Evening of Fine Art, Fine Food & Drink.” Catalogues were provided to guests that highlighted antiques for auction. The event also gave guests a taste of the “Top Best New Restaurants” which will be featured in “Cincinnati Magazine’s” March issue.

Guest writer Rayshaunda Byrd, sat down with Chris Ohmer, Marketing Director of Cincinnati Magazine, about the event.

Rayshaunda Byrd (RB): What is the purpose of the event?

Chris Ohmer (CO): We wanted to give our readers an opportunity to check out the “Best New Restaurants” which will be featured in our March issue. We also wanted to preview the fine and decorative art auction at Cowan’s Auctions.

RB: How does Cincinnati Magazine play a role in the showcasing of Cincinnati’s best new restaurants?

CO: Our March issue is dedicated to the “Best New Restaurants,” so we are definitely shining a spotlight on the many new places to eat in town.

RB: How many guests attended and how were they selected to be invited?

CO: We had close to 300 guests. Our guest list consisted of clients of Cowan’s Auctions plus the magazine’s “Insiders.” Our “Insiders” are sort of like our digital fan club – people who sign up to receive information online about our events, newsletters and special offers. “Insiders” also have access to many key features on our website such as our “Top Doctors” and “Best of the City” lists.

RB: What is your role in the event?

CO: I produced and managed the event. RB: Why Cowan’s Auction for the venue? CO: The timing was great to host the event at Cowan’s Auctions since guests could get an early look at the upcoming fine and decorative arts auction.

RB: How many restaurants were featured and how were they chosen?

CO: (Nine) restaurants were included from the March issue. Our restaurant reviewer Jeff Mathews is responsible for deciding who to feature in the magazine.

RB: Favorite new restaurant of Cincinnati?

CO: I’ve enjoyed Mazunte, which will be highlighted in the March issue