TriHealth to join University Station

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~

TriHealth recently announced that they will add two medical offices to Xavier’s University Station.  The additions will serve the needs of the Xavier community as well as the Norwood and Evanston communities.

“We’re thrilled to see an extension of TriHealth in a way that will strongly benefit our neighbors in Evanston and Norwood,” President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. said in a news release. “University Station is an exciting and important project that will enhance the lives of the entire Xavier community, including students, alumni, visitors and all those who live and work near our campus.”

Both offices, called the Bethesda Family Practice and Queen City Physicians Offices, are scheduled to open in August before the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Together they will use around 17,000 square feet of office space on the first floor with three Queen City practitioners and 29 Bethesda Family Practice practitioners.

TriHealth is the current official health care provider for Xavier and often provides support during home athletic events, but those in charge of TriHealth’s addition stress its availability for all surrounding communities.

“This relocation to University Station will allow us to continue to provide care to the immediate community as well as offer our services to the Xavier campus,” Lorraine Stephens, M.D. said in a news release. “Bethesda Family Medicine is excited to take this step in expanding the primary care services we offer to our patients and the community.”

Queen City Physicians currently has a small location in Hyde Park with no room to expand their practice, so adding a new location allows them to expand their capabilities.

Bethesda Family Medicine is a residency program planning to move their Norwood practice.  They have 18 resident physicians in training.

Both locations—as well as Xavier’s new bookstore location, apartment complex and other office and retail space—are a part of the first of two phases in the University Stations $54 million development.  All projects within phase one are expected to be completed in August 2014.