Catholic Ministry Team, 10 p.m. Mass Committee offer ‘Mass 101’

By: Rich Meyers ~Staff Writer~

The Catholic Ministry Team and the 10 p.m. Mass Committee co-sponsored a Mass 101 presentation in the Center for Faith and Justice.  This event was held on Sunday, Feb. 9 for those who were interested in learning more about the actions and the reasoning behind these actions that take place during the Roman Catholic Mass. It was also meant to clarify some parts of Mass that people may have found confusing.

Rachelle Kramer, who is the assistant director for Liturgy and Music in the Center for Faith and Justice, made the presentation.  Mass 101 was designed to be an interactive explanation of the liturgy where those who attended would be able to ask questions.

“The Roman Catholic Mass is full of history, theological meaning, and scriptural basis that many people are not aware of,” Student Chair for the Catholic Ministry Team Elizabeth Rahner said.  “Our aim in this presentation is to make more people aware of what’s going on in the Mass each week so they can attend with more of an appreciation for its significance.”

The event was meant to reach out to both Catholic and non-Catholic people to allow everyone to have a better understanding of the liturgical celebration. The presentation intended to make the Mass more accessible to participants as well as allow them to know more about the historical significance of aspects of the Roman Catholic Mass.

Mass 101 also showed the universality of the Roman Catholic Mass as it is essentially celebrated in the same way throughout the world.

“I hope that those attending Mass 101 will realize the richness contained in the liturgy and be more excited about attending as an expression of faith and a way to join in prayer and worship with the Church around the world, since the same liturgy is essentially celebrated in every country,” Rahner said.