Tuition to increase for 2014-15

By: Rich Meyer ~Staff Writer~

Students will see another increase in their tuition bills for the 2014-2015 school year.

Last week, Xavier administration along with the university’s Board of Trustees announced the finalized rates for tuition and fees for the next academic year. Next year, the tuition will be about 3 percent higher for full-time students than in the 2013-14 school year.

The extra funds from the tuition increase will go directly back into the university and will be used to offset extra costs forecasted in the next school year.

“For the year ahead this includes new academic programs, Xavier Way initiatives, the renovation of Alter Hall and compensation for faculty and staff,” Provost and Chief Academic Officer Scott Chadwick said.

“The increase is necessary to provide (students) with a solid, meaningful and fulfilling education,” Chadwick said in an announcement on the Portal.

Other causes for the increase that come from outside of the university were also taken into account when finalizing the budget.

“External factors such as the Consumer Price Index, behavior from our competitors and the economy are taken into consideration,” Chadwick said.

“It helps make it possible for us to continue to sustain and enhance faculty and staff development, expand technology services, increase financial aid, enhance co-curricular opportunities, focus on student leadership development, improve career services support, increase the number of full-time faculty members and foster more integrated learning,” he said.

Several committees and members of the administration met to discuss the budget and any increases that may need to take place. The tuition hike accommodated new expenses for the university while attempting to keep costs for students as low as possible.

“Staff from Financial Administration meet with staff from Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management to analyze any possible tuition increase and its effects on the university and students,” Chadwick said. “A recommendation from that group is made to the UPRC (University Planning and Resourcing Council).”

The final rates for tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year, including those for room and board as well as payment options, can be found at

Tuition Facts and Figures: 2014-15

Tuition per semester for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Social Sciences, Health and Education will raise to $16,515 and $33,030 yearly.

Tuition per semester in the Williams College of Business will raise to $17,105 and $34,210 yearly.
Meal plans will range from $420 to $2,450 per semester.

A Commons apartment will cost $4,370 per semester.