Xavier’s tuition to rise for 2022-23

After a year of stagnation, costs to attend will increase by nearly 6% By Hunter Ellis, Chloe Salveson and Olivia Valkner, Staff Contributors After being approved by the Board of Trustees, newly-appointed Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Rachel Chrastil confirmed on Tuesday in a campus-wide email that tuition and other costs will rise in the coming academic year.  For full-time undergraduates, tuition will go from $21,115 to $22,385 per semester. This marks a 6.01% increase. There were no changes to Xavier’s tuition last year, in what Chrastil called a “diligent and intentional effort to not increase tuition across any … Continue reading Xavier’s tuition to rise for 2022-23

Xavier’s “March Gladness”

In the latest of its marketing campaigns, the Xavier Alumni Office launched “a 48 hour social media and giving blitz called ‘March Gladness.’” The design of the campaign was to spur “a record number of gifts to Xavier” in a two-day window, March 10 – 12. “March Gladness” also involved emails to the student body asking for both student support in advertising the campaign on social media as well as financial gifts from students. The final tally showed that 587 people gave to March Gladness, including 45 students who gave to Xavier Athletics and more students who directed their gifts … Continue reading Xavier’s “March Gladness”

Tuition to increase for 2014-15

By: Rich Meyer ~Staff Writer~ Students will see another increase in their tuition bills for the 2014-2015 school year. Last week, Xavier administration along with the university’s Board of Trustees announced the finalized rates for tuition and fees for the next academic year. Next year, the tuition will be about 3 percent higher for full-time students than in the 2013-14 school year. The extra funds from the tuition increase will go directly back into the university and will be used to offset extra costs forecasted in the next school year. “For the year ahead this includes new academic programs, Xavier … Continue reading Tuition to increase for 2014-15