Students facilitate business start-up series

By: Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~

The entrepreneurship New Venture Planning class will host a series of four lectures on the subject of entrepreneurship in conjunction with the LaunchCincy series in Price Hill, both faciltated by the class instructor, Professor Joseph Carter.

Price Hill is an area of Cincinnati with a high unemployment rate. The series works to help people who cannot find jobs to create their own and has also begun working in Madisonville.
“We are expanding the idea to make it so that even if you aren’t an entrepreneurship major or minor, you can still have the skills to start your own business,” class member Stephanie Fiorelli said.

Price Hill
Xavier will host a new lecture series that hopes to launch student businesses in neighborhoods with high unemployment like Price Hill, pictured above.

The seminar will include workshops that allow people to develop feasible ideas, identify problems, learn about business models (including the lean start-up model), marketing tactics and funding strategies.

Each seminar will require some homework ahead of time to prepare for the class.
Organizers are still determining who will speak at the events, though the speakers will be full-time or part-time teachers with business experience and business professionals affiliated with Xavier University.

Students who participate will develop a foundation for how to start a business based on innovation, viability and desirability. Should students have a sustainable business model, they have the option of working with the Xavier Launch a Business (XLAB) program to start their organization.

“The goal is to form a class of 25 people that want to learn — within a fun filled environment — and immediately apply what you learn,” Carter said.
Carter also said that the program is designed for people who want to create businesses that are desirable, viable and feasible.

The seminars are open for all students, as well as the larger Xavier community including all students, faculty, administration personnel, Physical Plant personnel, on-campus police staff and all Xavier health care providers.

The seminars will be held at 10 a.m. starting on March 29 in Smith G14.
Those interested can find out more information on the XLAB’s or the event’s page on Facebook.

Students should bring a notebook and pen to the seminar. It is not mandatory to attend all the seminars, but it is encouraged.