Letter to the Editor: DMK

To our fellow students, We, the 2013-14 SGA Executives, are incredibly humbled by the support we have been shown and want to say thank you for encouraging us and believing in us throughout our term.

It has been an amazing journey full of learning, reflection and unpredictable transformation. We have worked hard during our term completing projects, listening to our fellow students, advocating for a more student-focused university, implementing policy changes and much more.

Some of the main initiatives we have completed this year include implementing the Xavier Student Weekly, helping make study abroad more academically and financially accessible, introducing 1831 Week, starting the university-wide conversations surrounding Metro use and student space on campus and much more.

All of these project ideas came from you, the students, and it is encouraging to see how passionate you are about this university. Though Xavier is imperfect, it is our home.

What makes Xavier such an amazing place is how our community, like one big family, comes together to support each other. We ran on the promise to “Build a Better Community,” and we believe that we, with significant assistance from so many other members of the XU community, have achieved this.

Although our time is done, there are three new executives who are willing, able, motivated and qualified to continue building a better Xavier. Wholeheartedly, we believe that Colleen Reynolds, Shelby Alig and Thomas Edney will do amazing things for Xavier, and we urge you to approach them with problems, ideas and projects because we know they will diligently work with you to find an answer. We fully endorse them and are excited to see what they will accomplish as SGA Executives.

There is still much work to be done, and although we have only laid a foundation, we are confident that SGA, the administration and Xavier as a whole are unified in working together to build the best Xavier possible. Xavier University has become our home, and our proudest accomplishment is that we leave our positions still in love with this place. Xavier will always have a special place in our hearts and minds.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity and support over our term as SGA Executives this past year.

Let’s go X! For the last time, Drew, Markus and Keenan Your 2013-14 SGA Executives