Xavier to host community event on basketball court access and usage

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~

Xavier’s Community Building Institute (CBI) along with Recreational Sports will be hosting a Community Welcoming event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 12 at the basketball courts. The event is being held to help the neighboring communities interested in using the courts to effectively transition to the new fence layout.

“It’s really just to introduce people to the new process and the new system,” CBI Director Liz Blume said in an interview. “We’re going to have representatives from the men’s and women’s basketball team (present) along with Brad Redford, and we have invited our neighbors — Avondale, Evanston and Walnut Hills — to join us.”

CBI has used signs surrounding the courts at local recreational centers and neighborhood school, among other locations to publicize the event. “We really wanted to invite our neighbors from around,” Blume said, “so we let all the local schools know. We have relationships with the Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation, the rec centers and the Boys and Girls Clubs as well.”

So far CBI is unsure of how the community has responded to the fence’s activation on April 1, but those in charge of the fence plan to monitor the popularity of the community’s swipe cards.

If numbers are lower than expected, CBI will make further efforts to publicize how the community can use the courts. Blume did make reference to some conversations that were held between CBI and the local communities before the fence was constructed.

“When we had the conversation in the community early on people were supportive,” Blume said. “They said as long as they were open and people could get a swipe card we’re good… They also (requested) an event as well.”

Following a change in the access policy to the outdoor basketball courts, the Community Building Insitiute will be hosting a community event.

For the CBI, the event’s main goal is to help community members feel more welcome to the new basketball court’s design.

“There’s been all sorts of discussion and controversy about the fences,” Blume said, “and we wanted to make the community know they were still welcome… and invited at the courts. We want to make sure people know that the courts are open to the public and open to community use.” Swipe card request forms will be available at the event.

For more information, visit CBI’s website at http://www.xavier.edu/communitybuilding.