Staff Profile: Pam Newman

By: Mike Clark ~Staff Writer~

Among the exceptional employees that make up the Xavier personnel workforce, Pam Newman stands as a testament to Xavier’s mission in her work, actions and lifestyle.

Newman, a building specialist of the Physical Plant, is one of Xavier’s most influential workers and a prime example of the Jesuit message, Ad majorem DeiGloriam, “for the greater glory of God.”Pam

Vincent Lewis, the building services lead in the Physical Plant, describes Newman’s spirituality as what makes her stand out. “She goes above and beyond to service people in need,” Lewis said. “Because of her spiritual foundation, she goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything she does.” Newman’s work has left a permanent mark on Xavier students.

She was commemorated for her good work by the students of Brockman Hall when they set the second floor alight with balloons and repeatedly shouted “We love you, Miss Pam” and “You’re the best, Miss Pam.” “In my 20 years in Brockman Hall,” Newman said, “that was my highlight of Xavier.” Her life outside of work also attests to how she embodies Xavier’s core values.

Xavier’s academic mission is rooted in the ability of each person to cultivate “a self-understanding and increased interpersonal development that augment a student’s development and success.” Newman has not only helped students on a daily basis throughout the years, but she has also raised a daughter. Her daughter, a 1994 Xavier graduate, served as an FBI agent and now operates her own firm, MBS Information Security Consulting. Newman’s moral fiber goes further.

Along with being a mother of three grandmother of 12 and, her spiritual life guides her to be an example for all those around her. She is a spiritual leader for her church, and takes Luke 6:38, “give and it will be given to you…” as the basis for devoting her life to the greater glory of God. Every morning, she asks the question, “what do you want me to do today, God?”

Although she says she will likely be leaving Xavier within another year or two, Pam has left a mark on Xavier in her 25 years of work. Newman also enjoys Olive Garden, cheesecake and Zumba. Newman is a figure to be appreciated by all Xavier students, because she embodies what it truly means to use God’s gifts Admajorem Dei gloriam.