Wasson Way project gains momentum

By: Mike Clark ~Staff Writer~ Adding to Xavier students’ ability to explore the Cincinnati area, the Wasson Way construction plan will provide the Xavier community with the ability to better explore Hyde Park, Oakley and beyond. The Wasson Way project aims to use the old railroad tracks near Xavier’s campus in a more constructive manner. The tracks will be repurposed into a bike path that will extend six miles to Hyde Park and Oakley and then beyond to the Village of Mariemont. The trail will connect with the Loveland-Madeira bike trail and will become part of 68 miles of bike … Continue reading Wasson Way project gains momentum

Xavier celebrates Muskie Awards

By: Mike Clark ~Staff Writer~ The third annual Muskies Awards showcased the best of Xavier’s students, advisors and student-led organizations during the 2013-14 school year.   The Muskies, which were held on March 26, gave many great awards to students and organizations this year. Among those awards were seven individual awards and 10 organization awards.   The voting process included a nomination by faculty, staff and students for any student or organization they thought were deserving of the award described. Many of these awards were jointly given.   The goal of the Muskies is to give back and to congratulate. … Continue reading Xavier celebrates Muskie Awards