Xavier celebrates Muskie Awards

By: Mike Clark ~Staff Writer~

The third annual Muskies Awards showcased the best of Xavier’s students, advisors and student-led organizations during the 2013-14 school year.


The Muskies, which were held on March 26, gave many great awards to students and organizations this year. Among those awards were seven individual awards and 10 organization awards.


The voting process included a nomination by faculty, staff and students for any student or organization they thought were deserving of the award described. Many of these awards were jointly given.


The goal of the Muskies is to give back and to congratulate. “Ultimately, we want to celebrate the work of our 172 student organizations throughout the year and honor a number of them with prestigious recognition for their work, going above and beyond to serve the students at Xavier,” Dustin Lewis, associate director of the Office of Student Involvement said.


Seniors Kyle Isaacs and Alexis Burnett served as emcees for the Muskie Awards on March 26. SAC won Outstanding Organization of the Year.

The categories for the awards are as diverse as the students and organizations on campus. In the individual awards, there is an emphasis given to the great characters needed to run a club.


These catagories include awards such as Advisor of the Year given to Dr. Tylon Crook of GOAL, the Look at Me Now Award given to Alexis Burnett of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the Unsung Hero Award given to Jai’la Nored of Commuter Council and Juanita Soto of Student Organization of Latinos.


Also given were awards to freshman through seniors for being exemplary members of their respective organizations. These winners were Joe Pota (Child’s Play) and Sophia Kvochak (SGA) for the first years, Jake Haigis (SGA) for the sophomores, Brandon Sturgeon (Delta Sigma Pi) for the juniors and Elizabeth Rahner (Life After Sunday) for the seniors.


Just as the awards were given to individuals, clubs and organizations were also recognized. This year, Student Activities Council took home Outstanding Organization of the Year. All of these awards set the standard high for student-led organizations next year who want to take one of these ten awards home.