Sports Staff Writers’ Favorites from 2013-14

Staff Writer Favorite Basketball Game Favorite Moment in Sports Favorite Student Athlete Favorite Sport to Cover Favorite Article Written Favorite Game Time Snack
Robert Jaimeson  Georgetown Basketball Senior Night  Justin Martin (Basketball)   Volleyball  Interview with Mike Johnson  Carmel Sodas
Nikhil Jelaji  Creighton Peton Manning Performances   James Farr (Basketball)  Soccer  Student section feature  Basketball Games
Adam Tortelli  Georgetown Xavier making the Tourney   Matt Stainbrook (Basketball)  Men’s Soccer  Indians playoff preview  Burger & Fries
Tim Wilmes  Cincinnati  Freese’s walk-off in World Series (’06)  Onya Edwards (Track & Field)  Woman’s Volleyball  Matt Stainbrook feature  Cintas Center Blue Moon
Lauren Young  Marquette  Basketball home win over G Town Justin Martin (Basketball)  Men’s Basketball  Xavier Tourney hopes BBQ Chicken Wings