Students “shut down” social media

By: Maddie Day ~Staff Writer~

The Student Government Association (SGA) celebrated Student Commitment Week by bringing the campus together with various events.

The week centered around the signing of a banner which featured a new pledge which outlined what it means to be a Xavier Musketeer.

“Students here are committed to (living) lives of integrity, justice and generosity and really standing by the mission of Xavier, standing by the things that make us unique individuals for and with others,” SGA Co-Vice President Thomas Edney said.photoIY39LDXC

“The language came from looking at different prayers, different things that we wanted to appropriate from campus,” Edney said.

Students were able to sign a banner, which featured the pledge written on it, at different times throughout the week and received a free T-shirt for doing so. The T-shirt had the pledge printed on the back.

“I signed the pledge because I think that generosity is important and I really think that Xavier represents serving others,” Xavier first-year student Hannah Sheppard said. “Because Xavier represents that and I am a part of Xavier, I signed it.”

The week was the joint effort of prior SGA members, the new executives and senior Alice Byrne.

“The buzz and excitement around the language of the Student Commitment, the amount of university-wide collaboration we have seen and the sheer amount of shirts walking around campus this week is truly a site to see,” Former SGA Vice President Markus Lasky said.

“We feel like it is important to do this because Xavier is growing and expanding and we want to make sure that we are becoming men and women for others and we are educating the whole person,” Edney said.

The pledge reads, “We are Xavier Musketeers. We are unique individuals who come together in the spirit of St. Ignatius to learn together, to serve together and we will succeed in changing the world together. We act with integrity, justice and generosity. All for one and one for all.”