Xavier Singers delivers boisterous performance

By: Alex Spindler ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~

If anything could be said for the Xavier Singers, it’s that the en­ergy never ceases to amaze.

The wholly student-produced group of 14 singers and dancers flipped, kicked and belted their way through a new rock concert entitled “Welcome to the New Age: A Live Music Experience from 2000 to Today.”

Popular for mixing an eclectic bevy of songs with show-choir style choreography, the Xavier Singers, under the direction of Danny Manning, featured songs by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles and Destiny’s Child.

Traditionally, the group pres­ents a collection of 20 songs with an eclectic style, mixing show choir with rock.

As an interesting twist, Xavier’s all-male acapella group, Harmon-X, opened the show and displayed silky-smooth resonance in its song selection.

Anticipating the Singers, Harmon-X paid special tribute to Justin Timberlake and pro­vided a nice appetizer for what was to come.

Some stand-out performances throughout the show included Hayley Cole’s beautiful dances, es­pecially in a moving tribute to the group’s senior members during the song “Falling Slowly.”

Zach Julian’s graceful tenor was especially poignant in the songs “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake and “Ordinary People” by John Legend.

Additionally, Kristen Thomas wailed her way as both lead and supporter performer throughout the show.

Bill Bentley and Redmond Millerick’s hilarious duet “Bromance” provided good comedic relief for a concert that ran nearly two and a half hours.

Xavier Singers FB
The Xavier University Singers’ new rock show, “Welcome to the New Age.”

Compared to past Singers’ shows, this one felt somewhat sti­fled in terms of its creativity.

Past performances felt fresh in their delivery and choreography, while this one seemed to echo the same themes as the “Millennium” show that the group delivered in the spring of 2012.

Similarly, the performers’ voice styles didn’t always fit the songs performed, a testament to just how important song selection is for a rock concert like this.

Nevertheless, the group and its regular first row fans never let the energy down.

Audience members young and old tapped their feet and clapped their hands in a concert that was cathartic in every sense of the word.

Despite some unoriginality, dancing slip-ups and vocal cracks, the Xavier Singers delivered a boisterous, fun performance. A Xavier Singers show is something that everyone can expect from such a dedicated group.

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