Club Profile: Animals, People and the Earth at Xavier

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~

Animal lovers and environmentalists alike can take advantage of Animals, People and the Earth at Xavier (APEX), a student organization that works to raise awareness about animal rights and the ways in which human activity impacts the environment.
Emily Myers, president of APEX, said that the group hopes to educate people about the animal adoption world and some alternatives that people have to sending animals to shelters.

“There are so many animals that need a home,” Myers said. “I’d like to educate people about animal abuse laws, different registries and adopting rather than buying.”

Myers hopes that APEX’s efforts will work to correct misunderstandings that many people have about animal shelters, especially to encourage people to adopt, rather than buy, animals.

“I think there are a lot of things about animal shelters that people don’t know,” Myers said. “There are very strange rules at kill shelters,” referring to shelters that euthanisze animals that go unadopted.

She cited her own experience in caring for animals at shelters, Newsencouraging others to get involved and do the same.
“The dogs that I work with at the shelter have the most unique personalities. All they want to do is please you because they’ve never had that attention. And I think there’s something really unique about a dog that has been through a lot,” Myers said. “Adopting and donating — even just visiting a local shelter to get information — is good.”

Myers said APEX is also working to raise awareness about other animal rights issues. Some of the other topics discussed by APEX include factory farming and its environmental impact. Last year, APEX also hosted a viewing of the film “Blackfish,” which investigates orca whales in captivity.
APEX has also partnered with local animal shelters and rescues, including Sunrise Sanctuary in Marysville, Ohio. In addition, the group has plans to raise funds for the Save the Animals Foundation, a local animal shelter that is run entirely by volunteers.

APEX recently organized “Wag Your Way Back to Campus,” an event that brought a puppy to campus for students to play with, as part of the Week of Welcome.