“Freak Show” update

By: Alex Spindler ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~

For lovers of horror, gore and psychological thrill, Ryan Murphy’s fourth installment of the series “American Horror Story” is sure to raise chills.

Deemed an anthology series by major television critics, “American Horror Story” premiered in 2011 to stellar reviews and abnormally high ratings for a cable series.

Thanks to social media and updates from the general tabloid press, audiences are getting an even closer look at what is to come for the next season.

Every season of the miniseries takes place at a distinct location with an overall different theme. Such topics explored in past seasons include infidelity, religious doubt and loss of innocence.

Ryan Murphy has stated that this season will be the most terrifying that viewers have seen yet, and he wishes to address the themes of ostracism and the perception of mental and physical disabilities in 1950s America.


Due to its distinction as an anthology series, American Horror Story features a repertory cast of 10 actors who appear in every season, yet play different characters.

Among the many actors who have appeared in every season include Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Evan Peters and, in a critically acclaimed turn, Academy award winner Jessica Lange.

Various special and guest actors slated to appear include Patti Labelle, Kathy Bates (hot off her Emmy win) and even Neil Patrick Harris. Due to the premature cancellation “The New Normal’s” last season and “Glee’s” imminent closure, fans can expect Murphy to dedicate his complete time and talent to his most popular series yet.

Running for only 13 episodes at a time, “American Horror Story: Freak Show” will premiere at 10 p.m., Oct. 5 on the FX channel.