Xavier Atheltics’ “Pink Week” raises awareness

By: Adam Tortelli ~Staff Writer~

Any student on campus may have noticed the display in Hoff Dining Commons this month or seen NFL acnkowledge that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

These 31 days are geared toward educating the world about one of the most fatal diseases for women over the past 40 years and fundraising for research that will hopefully develop a cure.
Xavier Athletics has partnered with a Cincinnati-based non-profit organization, the Pink Ribbon Girls (PRG), to promote the fight against breast cancer at sporting events during “Pink Week,” spanning Oct. 13-17.

This promotion is an example of how sports can help raise awareness of important issues.
Whether it is by the NBA’s “Green Week,” or “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” partnership with the NFL to raise breast cancer awareness, utilizing sports teams skyrockets overall awareness for any issue.

The Komen relationship is undoubtedly the most popular as it raises millions of dollars in a mere a one-month span by simply asking football players to wear pink gloves, socks and cleats in addition to their standard game day uniforms.

The Pink Ribbon Girls dedicate their time toward assisting victims and their families with normal chores, such as cleaning and preparing fresh meals that often have to take a back seat to treatments or recovery.

Xavier athletics has partnered with the Pink Ribbon Girls organiuzation to help raise awareness in the Xavier community.

This aid seems menial, but it lifts a weight off the shoulders of those suffering that no one can understand until they are put into the exact situation.

Headlining games include the Oct. 14 volleyball game against DePaul, the Oct. 15 men’s soccer game against DePaul and the Oct. 16 women’s soccer game against Providence.

Each matchup will feature a giveaway of 200 pink t-shirts for the first 100 students and for the first 100 fans and more importantly, presence of the Pink Ribbon Girls.

The Girls will provide more information on the disease and educate those in attendance on how they can support the fight to find a cure in any way possible.

While the outcomes of games this week and other games this month will mean no more or less than the rest of the season, the mission is bigger than any Super Bowl, Game 7 or other championship.

Every year, nearly a quarter-million women and more than two thousand men are diagnosed with this disease.

While men are not as likely to attract the cancer, nearly everyone has someone close in their life who has had an encounter with breast cancer.

This month not only shines light on breast cancer, but also gives us the chance to reflect and think about those who suffered from it.

The Girls believe it is important to always raise awareness, not just in October.
Whether it is a financial donation, wearing pink at one of these games or emotionally supporting a victim you know, help the Pink Ribbon Girls in ensuring that “No One Travels This Road Alone.”