Toolbox triumphs with its first of multiple shows

By: Liz Slocum ~Staff Writer~

Xavier Players’ 2014-15 Toolbox cast kicked off the month of November with free comedy performances on Nov. 1 and 2.
The hour-long improvised comedy show had its audience of students and alumni laughing
both at and with the cast. From the cast’s creation of skits using buzzwords given by the audience to their free-frame style changing of characters and scenes, this performance, like other improv comedy shows, was a surprise for both the audience and the cast, who at times could not contain their own laughter.

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The Xavier Players debuted a joyous and fun first Toolbox show.

Given that the entire show is made up on performance night, one might think that the cast
of Toolbox does not do much rehearsing. Cast members said, however, that the fun and games
that unfold onstage on opening night are rehearsed pretty regularly.

“We meet twice a week to practice, usually for an hour,” co-president junior Eric Minion said. “We play games to prepare for shows. It’s a lot of fun.” It is evident that these activities are effective in building this comedic team. The quick-moving humor in Sunday night’s performance was strong, with a nearseamless continuation of lines made up by each individual on the spot to continue each scene.

Aside from all of the rehearsing, the number of performances the troupe puts on throughout the year seems like it should be enough to keep their improvising abilities fresh and in excellent
shape. The group has several performances ahead for the 2014-15 school year. “We perform probably around once a month,” Minion said. “And we’re probably going to do three major shows this year.”

With a cast of strong returning upperclassmen and very promising underclassmen, it looks like
Toolbox is going to bring plenty of laughter to the Xavier stage this coming school year. Students, alumni and faculty won’t want to miss the troupe’s 2014-15 performances.