“God of Carnage”

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~

The weekend of Nov. 14-16 marked the three-day run of Xavier Player’s darkly-comedic performance of Yazmina Reza’s “God of Carnage.”

The success of “God of Carnage” was grounded in its simplicity and expert use of timing. The high tension and humanistic exposé were complimented by the performer’s ability to deliver sharp lines of dialogue, creating characters despicably antagonizing in their individual respects. The audience couldn’t help but fall in love with hating them.

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Senior Elle McFarland in “God of Carnage”

The show’s humor was itsheart, cushioning the impact of the high tension often found in
the couples’ extended arguments. Subtle in its nature, the humor not only worked as relief, but moved the show along in an engaging manner, provoking the audience to listen closely for its smart comedic integrity.

The themes discussed in “God of Carnage” were particularly engaging, accented nicely by the style and tone in which they were presented. Though the comedic presence was strong, the show’s themes were no laughing matter. “God of Carnage” examined the savage nature humanity is capable of having. The true weight of the play was felt in its closing moments, ending with high tension.

Despite the slow build, the show found its energy and did not let up. A clever use of props kicked off the second act, and it led to a momentum that rode out until Ammar Khan’s Michael Novak spouted his final, inherently reflective line, “What do we know?” Xavier Players impressed with a skillful display of its potential.

Senior Emily deKanter, sophomore Ammar Khan, senior Elle McFarland and junior Sterling Shaw played electrifyingly well, highlighting their respective strengths in the portrayal of these cringe-worthy characters. Considering this is only the club’s second full-length performance after last year’s “And Then There Were None,” Players has proved it has a lot to offer in the field of good theater and engaging performances.

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