Independents and blockbusters reap year’s success

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ Going to the movies: an experience that can be anything from the benchmark of a budding relationship to a meaningless two hours of escapism. Whatever the motive may be for attending the cinema, there’s nothing like an enlightening retrospective to remind us all of our repressed memories of that guy who continually yelled “jokes” during the runtime or that scene that understood you more than anyone in years. The 2015-16 year had a lot to offer, distinguishing itself with its medley of refined independents and especially well-crafted blockbusters. Not all of the underground films released throughout … Continue reading Independents and blockbusters reap year’s success

The English student’s run-on life ‘Whoopy-doo,’ college is doable for all of you

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ In order to avoid opening a reflective piece about my time experiencing the trials and tribulations of collegiate life with a cliché addressing growth and development or lessons learned, I’ll open it with a run-on that references all of these clichés but creates an illusion of awareness toward them so that it remains interesting and relevant to you, dear reader, so that we build a bond of trust and, perhaps, given appropriate circumstance, admiration toward each other, acknowledging we aren’t clichéd broken records longing for a vinyl repair shop and sense of artistic self. An English … Continue reading The English student’s run-on life ‘Whoopy-doo,’ college is doable for all of you

Student chided on air for AB trip

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ Xavier student Katherine Plucinsky was met with criticism when she discussed her Alternative Breaks (AB) trip to Washington, D.C., in a March 24 interview on 700 WLW’s Eddie and Tracy show. After returning from spring break, Plucinsky wrote an opinion piece for the Cincinnati Enquirer describing her experience with Xavier’s AB program. Her trip involved living the lifestyle of a homeless person in D.C. for 48 hours. This experience was meant to help students better understand the lives of disadvantaged people. Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones asked Plucinsky to come on their show after reading … Continue reading Student chided on air for AB trip