Webinar responds to climate change

By: Maddie Day ~Staff Writer~

Xavier will host a webinar organized by “Ohio Interfaith and Light” (OhIPL) to discuss climate conservation.

The group aims to help faith communities learn how to conserve energy.

Xavier welcomes OhIPL on, Jan. 22nd. The event will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. in Kennedy Auditorium.

Similar events will take place simultaneously at other locations throughout the state of Ohio. The Climate Conversation serves as a forum during which
members of the Xavier community can discuss climate change within the context of religion. The event is meant to encourage discussion that is open, informative and ethically driven.

The first hour of Thursday’s event will be a video conference presented by Dr. Joel Barker, a scientist at the Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University and Ted Ford, president and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy.

The two will discuss the impact of climate change in Ohio, the economic benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency and the political climate necessary for shifting to alternative energy consumption.

The conference will be broadcasted from Ohio’s Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio.

The video conference will be followed by various conversations at different sites.

Each of these discussions will focus on different perspectives, religious affiliations and responses to climate change.

At Xavier, a panel of local activities and religious leaders will guide the discussion.

“There are few issues of more importance to the future of our students and university than being informed about the environmental challenges we face and
finding ways to take effective action to change our patterns of consumption and energy use,” Kathleen Smythe, professor of history, environmental science,
land, agriculture, community and sustainability, said.

OhIPL works “to empower a religious response to climate change” while promoting energy conservation and efficiency. For more information on the event, contact Professor Smythe at smythe@xavier.edu.