Chadwick launches innovation blog

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~

Provost and Chief Academic Officer Scott A. Chadwick has taken to the web. Joining millenials around the globe, he has launched his own blog.

Titled “Systems of Innovation,” his new online presence will “share (his) thinking about innovation in higher education, with a systems focus and engage a community of others interested in this mindset and practice,” according to the blog’s description.

Chadwick already blogs for faculty and staff to share good news and information, but the new blog will be different.

“I wanted to have another blog to focus on the innovation initiatives at Xavier, especially through the Center for Innovation, but also the School of Arts and Innovation, and what’s going on in the Williams College of Business, what’s going on in (the College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education),” Chadwick said. “I wanted to frame that around how I think of innovation. So it’s to share my thoughts and to inform both the campus community but also people who are interested in innovation in higher education.”

Provost Scott A. Chadwick has launched an online blog to share innovation ideas
Provost Scott A. Chadwick has launched an online blog to share innovation ideas

With a broader audience — “anybody who’s interested in innovation in higher education” — “Systems of Innovation” will be able to address “students, prospective students, parents, educators in high schools, people who provide funding (and) people at other universities,” Chadwick said.

He hopes to post about every five days.
In the first post, which appeared on Jan. 22, Chadwick addressed a wide variety of themes related to innovation, which will be the centerpiece of his reflections.

“I believe that a mindset and practice of innovation, in a systemic way, is the path we must take. We must start by being dedicated to working to achieve the mission of the school at which we work,” Chadwick wrote.

Innovation, for Chadwick, can also be rooted in spirituality, a method that he values as a professor and administrator.

“There are a lot of posts, whether it’s through LinkedIn or blogs or Facebook, where people are celebrating innovation and technology advances. And that’s very useful,” Chadwick said. “What I saw missing — and that also fits me — is, how do you integrate spirituality with this way of being? Because innovation is a way of being. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a way of doing. To ground that in spirituality makes a lot of sense to me.” Chadwick has taught communication classes in the past at Xavier and said that he loves teaching. The new blog can also be another way to connect with students.

“I think (innovation) fits well with what we’re trying to do with the Core, what the faculty and staff are trying to do, what Fr. Graham’s trying to do. It’s just an expression of our values,” he said. “I think (students) will be interested to see, how do you talk about innovation or business practice or a way of doing critical thinking from a spiritual basis without minimizing either of them?”

For Chadwick, blogging is another way to innovate and move into new ways of thinking.

“If this blog provides a venue for students to learn and to think and to apply it into their own lives, that’s wonderful. If it provides a means by which there can be some interaction, whether with me or with other readers of the blog, that would be outstanding. I think in today’s age we need to use the best communication channels available to us. Blogging is one; it’s very democratic. Why not use it?” Chadwick said.