What is the proper goodbye?

Parting words for an imperfect community In saying goodbye, one expresses affection, well-wishes and an intent to return. When I tell my roommate and my close friends goodbye in a few weeks, at least, that’s how I will do it: “I love you, I hope the best for you and I hope I see you again soon.” I have been at a loss for words lately to express what leaving Xavier means to me, so I hope that this reduction will suffice. I cannot in good conscience say that I love Xavier. I am rather fed up on a regular … Continue reading What is the proper goodbye?

Xavier hosts Norwood townhall meeting

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ Norwood residents gathered in Bellarmine Chapel on March 3, promising to bring about a “new day in Norwood” through healing and dialogue. “Having people come together and just openly dialogue about who they are, where they are (and) how they got where they are” was the goal for the evening according to Pastor Sonny James, who lives in Norwood. “A New Day in Norwood” sought to address a letter from Norwood’s mayor as well as racism in the community at large. About 35 Norwood residents were in attendance in addition to four officers from Norwood … Continue reading Xavier hosts Norwood townhall meeting

For and with others: Growing sustainability at Xavier

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ Xavier announced three majors in sustainability only two years ago, in the fall of 2013. This May, three students will graduate with sustainability- related degrees. They will be the first students to do so. Joe McGrath, a senior majoring in Sustainability: Economics & Management (a business sustainability major with concentrations in economics and management), is unique. While both Mark Miller and Michael Murray have been able to incorporate a sustainability related major in with the majors they were already pursuing, McGrath was unable to do that. “I switched my junior year from a double major … Continue reading For and with others: Growing sustainability at Xavier