Club Profile: XUTV

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~

Xavier University’s Television Association (XUTVA) is one of Xavier’s largest media outlets run solely by students.

XUTVA can be found in the Television Center studio located next to Brockman Hall. The studio is equipped with fully-functioning broadcast equipment such as studio cameras with teleprompters, a video switch board, a sound booth and a video editing lab.

The club is meant to give students interested in television broadcast production educational and practical experience on a working television show.
“Our goal is to produce a great weekly, professional-level broadcast,” Joe Pota, president of XUTVA, said. “It provides great experience for people looking to get into the field.”

XUTVA films weekly news broadcasts with coverage of events on and off campus.
“I love the pressure of the live broadcast,” Pota said. “It is difficult, but something we are proud of. I like the comradery of it all. …(W)e are a team and work together and get through it each week.”IMG_5113

Student anchors write campus, local and national news stories, which are featured in the broadcasts.

Meetings are held twice a week at 2 p.m. in the Television Center, one on Mondays for planning and the other on Fridays to film the weekly broadcast. Non-electronic Media majors are welcomed to join the club.

XUTVA has previously been viewed on channel 14, but after Xavier switched from Time Warner Cable to Cincinnati Bell, the channel went off air. The club is raising $5,000 to regain signal into the dorms.

“I think that’s what is really key in keeping this going, because a lot of students don’t know about us now since we are not on the air and we are still doing a news show every Friday,” Blis DeVault, advisor to XUTVA and director of the Television Center, said. “But there’s something about being able to get it into the campus and the caf.”

Junior Alyssa Metts and senior Erin Kirby anchor the news for an XUTVA broadcast.

XUTVA provides students with hands-on experience with technology and contributes to problem solving and teamwork.

“It is really fun to see a student operate something or anchor for the first time and then see their progression over the years. It’s rewarding,” DeVault said.

XUTVA films weekly news broadcasts can be viewed on