XU students to recognize Deaf Awareness Week

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~

Students can be exposed to a new way of communication as the Sign Language Club will host a number of events from April 19 to 23 to celebrate Xavier’s Deaf Awareness Week.
Some of the events include sign language bingo on April 20 and a deaf festival on April 23.
An American Sign Language (ASL) interpretor will also be present at the 4 and 10 p.m. masses on April 19 at Bellarmine Chapel.

“We are trying to promote the fact that being Deaf is not a disability and that [people who are Deaf] have an amazing culture in our country that many don’t know about,” Secretary of the Sign Language Club Darcie Haskins said.

More than 220 students are currently enrolled in ASL classes, making ASL the largest language program on campus. While no official census has been conducted, linguists believe that between 250,000 and 500,000 Americans use ASL.

Students can view fliers that will be posted around campus to learn more about the week’s events.