University Committee applications due today

By: Max Bruns ~Copy Editor~

If you’ve ever been interested in the decision-making machine behind the scenes at Xavier, now is the time to act. Applications to serve on University Committees are due today, Wednesday, April 22 by 5 p.m. University Committees serve as a way to delegate decision making and governing to the students for many aspects of campus life such as parking, admissions, athletics, disability services, technology and many more.

They streamline the processs of changing and making progress on campus policies. Most of the roles on each committee are filled by faculty and staff, but select students are appointed by the Student Government Association (SGA). “It’s really important to increase student involvement in the machine of student government. Without the opportunity for direct student voices on the University Committees, student opinions and positions within the university are not adequately fulfilled,” Andrew Redd, recently elected student body president said.

University Committees have existed for a while, but SGA is always looking for ways to improve student involvement. “Students in the past may not have been the best candidates for their particular committees or they may not have participated to the level that the committee needed.

The purpose of sending out a notice to the student body is so that the news of a particular committee reaches the student who will be the most adamant about becoming an active member of the committee that best fits his or her passion,” Redd said.

Students who are serious about becoming a prominent leader in a particular area of university life are encouraged to take the applications seriously and fill them out before the deadline.

“Student representatives work alongside faculty and staff to assist with decision-making that impacts the university’s future and the achievement of campus-wide goals and initiatives,” Student Organizations Coordinator Crystal Guffey said in an email.

To get information about each available position, or to apply for any positions, visit https://orgsync. com/32534/forms/140841. Students interested in applying for Student Conduct Liaison should note that a separate, non-standardized application is required.