Notable films celebrate 20th anniversaries

By: Jacob Mueller ~Staff Writer~

Braveheart Pic
Photo couurtesy of | Braveheart tells the story of Scottish hero William Wallace, who rallies the Scottish against the English monarch after suffering a personal tragedy at the hands of English soldiers.

A handful of remarkable movies released in 1995 are turning 20 this year. Today, these films remain as influential and celebrated.

“Braveheart”: Freedom! This historic epic portrays the Scotts’ fight for freedom in the 13th century and the recreation of the story of William Wallace. Beautifully directed, “Braveheart” is a classic picture, and it also took home an Oscar for Best Picture in 1995.

“Toy Story”: One of the most beloved animated films in history, this Pixar masterpiece launched the long-time beloved Toy Story franchise and Pixar itself. It’s still a beloved film, with a ton of heart that appeals strongly to both kids and adults. It is an instant classic family film that launched an extremely successful animated studio.

“Se7ent”: “Se7ent” is actually one of my favorite films of all time for a number of reasons. The directing is perfect, it’s dark and menacing and the ending is utterly flawless. Just watch it, I promise you will be left wanting more from this excellent serial killer hunt that is much more than it seems!

“The Usual Suspects”: Known for containing one of the greatest film endings in history, “The Usual Suspects” became a very influential crime-thriller, with an exceptional breakout performance from Kevin Spacey. It has an excellent script, solid direction and an ending that will assuredly leave you speechless.

“12 Monkeys”: Weird, unique and confusing, “12 Monkeys” is one of the most unique sci-fi films I’ve ever seen, in the best ways possible. The set pieces are gorgeous, the story is deeply intriguing and Brad Pitt gives a very memorable performance.

“Casino”: Another gangster film from Martin Scorsese? “Casino” certainly wasn’t on the same iconic level as Scorsese’s mob masterpiece Goodfellas, but it still holds up as an excellent gangster film that brutally portrays greed and deception in the 1970’s Las Vegas mob.