Rhinegeist to host Art of Recycling

By: Megan Lux ~Staff Writer~

We often recycle materials such as plastics, paper and glass without thinking twice about it. We may simply pitch those items into their respective bins or simply throw them away and continue about our day, but did you know that those recycled materials could be turned into art?

Rhinegeist Brewery will host Give Back Cincinnati’s event, The Art of Recycling, on Thursday, Nov. 19. At this event, attendees will learn the basics of recycling by wasting less and using more.

Cincinnati recycled 14 percent of all the waste each household generates in 2010. This included 14,343 tons of metal, glass, plastic and paper. However, citizens of Cincinnati can strive to do better.

Cincinnati Recycles, a government organization that teaches citizens of Cincinnati innovative and creative ways to enjoy a greener lifestyle, and Green Umbrella, a nonprofit organization that aims to maximize sustainability in the Greater Cincinnati area, will both be at The Art of Recycling.

Not only will there be recycling organizations there, but artists will be present, as well. Recyclabowls is an artist who makes one-of-akind pieces of art made from recycled plastics, fabrics and other materials.

Recyclabowls’s pieces are interesting due to the fact that they are beautiful, functional and made from materials that people usually throw away.

Another group that uses recyclable materials is Scrap Nati, a non-profit creative reuse center. This organization accepts a wide range of materials such as pencils, DVDs and cases, metal bottle caps, papers and other items. These are materials that a lot of people, including college kids, may have, making it easy to donate materials instead of just throwing them away.

Scrap Nati then sells collected items as an alternative to shopping at art or office supply stores and helps keep recyclable materials out of landfills.

The Art of Recycling will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. There will be an informative presentation about the importance of recycling in today’s world as well as innovative ways to recycle. After the presentation, attendees can talk to Recyclabowls, Scrap Nati, Cincinnati Recycles, Green Umbrella and other artists and recycling groups to get more information about recycling.

Participants will receive free pizza and a chance to win free beer tickets while learning how to make the world we live in greener and a better place for all creatures on the earth.

For more information about the Art of Recycling, visit www. rhinegeist.com.