‘Real Housewives’ announces new locations

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Staff Writer~

Housewives Pic
Photo courtesy of inquisitr.com | The Real Houswives of Potomac, located in Maryland just outside D.C., showcases the lives of six African American women, revealing the drama behind how they communicate and live their lives.

“You low-down monkey with a wig on” “Close your legs to married men!” “Who gonna check me, boo?” “Prostitution whore!”

A franchise marked by table flipping, weave pulling and cancer faking, Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” will be welcoming two new cities to the franchise, Potomac and Dallas.

“If you haven’t heard of Potomac, that’s fine…(B)ecause that means we’ve done a great job of keeping it a nice little secret,” new Potomac Housewife Gizelle Bryant said in Bravo’s trailer premiere. Bravo sheds light on this elusive city in its official statement.

“Located just up the river from our nation’s capital of Washington D.C., Potomac is a cozy, upscale encalve with gated mansions, rolling hills and exclusive country clubs.”

Potomac’s ensemble cast features affluent African American women and promises tension from hierarchal social circles and proper etiquette. Bravo’s Potomac trailer showcases the politics of race, ultimately boiling over with an irate Gizelle Bryant shouting, “You act like it’s a problem to be black.”

The cast includes: Charrisse Jackson Jordan, philanthropist and wife of former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan, Karen Huger, matriarchal gatekeeper of the Potomac circle elite, Gizelle Bryant, ex-wife of megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant, Robyn Dixon, publicist and former wife of ex-NBA star Juan Dixon, Ashley Darby, former Miss D.C. and newbee to Potomac, and Katie Rost, ex-wife of Russell Simmons and author of a blog featuring a post titled, “You White, Stringy Haired B*tch,” directed at Simmons’ mistress.

Casting a Housewives series in Maryland may be puzzling for viewers after the canceled “Real Housewives of D.C.” was nixed after its first season storyline revolving around the White House partycrashers.

“(W)e didn’t go out saying, ‘Oh we want to do another Housewives in the D.C. area.’ (…) But then these women emerged, and (…) they were great,” executive producer Andy Cohen said in an interview with Bravo.

According to Cohen, another Real Housewives installment had been in talks for the past seven years: Dallas.

However, setbacks regarding casting stalled progress until about a year ago, when Bravo found the current Dallas ensemble. Bravo describes the show as similar to past series, but with a southern twist.

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” follows a group of sophisticated southern socialites, as they claw their way to the top of the city’s social scene. The series prove(s) (…) why everything is bigger in Texas.”

Although an official Dallas cast list has not been released, a leaked unofficial list includes LeeAnne Locken, a local TV personality, Cary Deuber, wife of Dallas plastic surgeon and possibly Courtney Kerr, from Bravo’s Courtney Loves Dallas.

The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres Sunday, January 17 at 9/8c, and The Real Housewives of Dallas is expected to premiere later in 2016.