Organic option offers optimal meal alternative

By: Henry Eden ~Staff Writer~

Faves Logo
Photo courtesy of | Faves gives a healthy lifestyle choice to students wishing to go organic.

A new student-run operation working through the Williams College of Business arrives soon as a new culinary option on campus. Faves, built around the idea of locally sourced ingredients, will provide a healthy and sustainable alternative for students.

The idea was first conceptualized in May 2014. Faves CEO Ronald Vieira, now a senior economics major, has been pushing for the idea since he received encouragement during a meeting of the school’s student-run business initiative.

“Basically, who we are is a student run healthy eatery to help students and inspire a change toward a healthy lifestyle,” Vieira said. “The number one thing we’re trying to tell people is not about food, but more how to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Vieira works alongside several other students, who manage varying aspects of the business. Junior international business major Xavier Uzcategui and junior finance major Austin Kaelin serve as the CFO and COO, respectively.

A large source of the original inspiration for Faves stemmed from the lack of a true healthy option available to students.

“If you look at other colleges of the same size, you will find that they are either in a place where food is easily accessible, or the school establishes sustainable options on campus,” Vieira said. “Locally sourced food is a movement in Cincinnati. Restaurants and businesses are changing because people are shifting their spending habits.”

In addition to their location on campus, Faves has been able to create a partnership with Angst, a Walnut Hills restaurant that serves as a café and bar separately throughout the day.

Difficulties arising within the student run business initiative postponed Faves’ opening at the beginning of fall semester. The business is set to open its doors in the CLC at the start of the spring semester.