The Caf Playlist makes online debut

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~

Caf Playlist Pic
Photo courtesy of | Experience the sounds of the caf anywhere you go with the new Spotify playlist. The Caf takes requests.

Xavier Dining created a Spotify playlist of the songs that are played in the caf throughout the week. While the playlist is not the exact same as the one that the caf uses, the interns and marketing director managing it are trying to capture the same pattern.

“Not every artist has their music available on Spotify, and not all artists have radio friendly versions available,” Hannah Bertrand, marketing intern for Xavier Dining, said.

Xavier Dining welcomes any and all feedback, as it is constantly trying to update the playlist to reflect what students want to hear. The marketing team behind the playlist is able to see all the data and stats concerning the playlist, such as what songs are most played or skipped. While this will help in meeting students’ demands, nothing is desired more than direct feedback from the people who listen to the music every day as they eat.

“We welcome all feedback. I personally try to respond to every comment on social media, especially through Twitter, and to every email,” Jennifer Paiotti, marketing director for dining services, said.

Some suggestions that are going to be implemented are the inclusion of a fireplace for the Christmas season and probable Karaoke nights starting in the spring semester.

“We are trying to capture that ‘your playlist’ feel. To incorporate this, once a week in the spring, we will have a day where we play the playlist created by the votes of the student body,” Bertrand said.

For those wondering, a Christmas playlist will indeed be added to Spotify and will start playing in the caf after Thanksgiving break. If you wish to contact dining services and give your input, you can reach them through Twitter @xavierdining or email through dining@