‘Pig Roast’ gains official sponsor

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~

12“Pig Roast,” a staple in the Xavier community despite not officially being sponsored by the university, was revived Saturday after a year-long hiatus at the local watering hole, Dana Gardens.

In the past, “Pig Roast” has taken place on a predetermined block of student housing in the Norwood area in the form of a massive year-end party.

However, legal concerns effectively canceled the organized event last year.

This year, several students approached the owners of Dana Gardens and proposed that Pig Roast be held at and sponsored by the bar to avoid the issues that arose last year.

Dana Gardens agreed, and many Xavier students over the age of 21 flocked to the establishment for the first official Dana’s-sponsored “Pig Roast” on Saturday.

“This event is not affiliated with the school,” senior Nick Goliath, one of students who facilitated the Dana’s takeover, said. “That being said, we try to tap in to the Xavier community and alums for help.”

Seniors Jack Carey, David Wietlisbach and Michelle Klueppelberg were also involved with organizing Dana’s formal involvement in the event.

The involvement with Dana’s included an effort to raise money to give back to the Xavier community because the event is geared toward students despite not having an official sponsorship from the university.

“This year, we decided to keep the donation in the Xavier family by donating over $4,000 to Amanda’s Army, a charity for current sophomore Amanda Morguelan,” Goliath said.

The move meant that many students who would normally host unofficial parties at their houses would have a legitimate place to hang out with peers and have a good time without being liable for any damage to their property.

“The reasoning behind moving ‘Pig Roast’ from houses to Danas was the fact that we did not want the liability to fall on one individual or household, especially with the event being so close to graduation and/or internship opportunities,” Goliath said.

Along those lines, the new event location kept better control over the population of underage students who aren’t legally allowed to be at parties or consume alcohol.

Reception to the event was mixed to positive, and current seniors hope to see it continue into the future.

“It wasn’t quite as fun because it was majority seniors,” junior Lea Eidenshink said. “Nothing will ever top our freshman year.”

“It was better than expected,” junior Louis Devito said, “but it wasn’t as great as it was in previous years.”

“It was seen as a great last hoorah for the Class of 2016,” Goliath said.