Norwood nuisance stores shut down

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~

Two local businesses are now closed after being declared ‘nuisances’ by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters closed two local businesses, Sherman Market and Donnas carry-out after deeming them ‘nuisances’ per police on July 28.

Sherman Market, of 1764 Sherman Ave. has been the the location subject to 217 police calls in the past two years.

During that same stretch, Donna’s Carry-Out had 153 incidents prompting police visits, including DUI stops, drug related activity, fights and child endangerment through underage sales of alcohol.

Donna’s has long been a popular location for Xavier students to acquire alcohol, both legally and otherwise.

The store is located immediately across from Xavier’s University Station apartments and shopping center. Sherman Market is located off of Carter ave, slightly north of Xavier’s campus.

At a press conference announcing the closings of these two businesses, Deters placed his support behind the decision, citing public safety, and saying that, “This is a good day for Norwood. Two businesses that caused nothing but trouble for the law-abiding citizens in the community have been shut down. Norwood citizens constantly complained about these businesses.”

Deters later added that the inordinate number of incidences posed a risk to the surrounding community and its citizens.

The two businesses combined have been hotbeds for neighborhood crime, likely due to their location.

The Sherman Market location, however did have six rental units attached to the store, and now the inhabitants living above the Norwood store are facing uncertain living arrangements, and may be left without a place to live.

Displaced resident Paul Johnson said, “Nine o’clock, they banged on my door. I’ve been homeless since. My 3-year-old can’t go in and take a… bath in her own bathtub. She can’t lay down in her own bed. She can’t play with her own stuffed animals.”

Local News outlet WLWT reported that the families affected had received housing vouchers good for a period of five days, but Norwood police have not told them when they can retrieve their belongings.

Several outraged families said that they had already paid rent for the month of August.

There was initial speculation that the Red Cross might be of assistance to any of the affected Sherman Market residents, but a spokeswoman for the agency stated that they would not be involved in any tenant-landlord disputes, per agency policy.

The move to close the two establishments has provided both a boost to community safety and a difficult circumstance for several families and individuals.