Norwood declares fiscal emergency

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~ Norwood, the neighbor to Xavier and home to many students in their final two years, is going through a budget crisis that might have a drastic impact on the community, even if it doesn’t affect Xavier students directly as residents. The state of Ohio declared a fiscal emergency for Norwood, meaning that the city needs to create a plan for how they will recover and present it to a special commission for approval in the coming months, according to the Enquirer. As a result of the budget crisis, roads are falling into disrepair and are … Continue reading Norwood declares fiscal emergency

Norwood nuisance stores shut down

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ Two local businesses are now closed after being declared ‘nuisances’ by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters closed two local businesses, Sherman Market and Donnas carry-out after deeming them ‘nuisances’ per police on July 28. Sherman Market, of 1764 Sherman Ave. has been the the location subject to 217 police calls in the past two years. During that same stretch, Donna’s Carry-Out had 153 incidents prompting police visits, including DUI stops, drug related activity, fights and child endangerment through underage sales of alcohol. Donna’s has long been a popular … Continue reading Norwood nuisance stores shut down

Sure, solidarity, yeah

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Jon Hogue Look Alike Runner-Up~ “Students need an opportunity to be in solidarity with communities outside of their own, and we’re excited to offer a fresh, exciting experience for Musketeers,” Marsha Musketeer in the Center for International Education said. For years, Xavier students have immersed themselves in communities around the world in order to work for and with others. The Office of International Education and Center for Faith and Justice, along with outside groups, are offering a weeklong immersion trip to the Norwood Kroger location to bring this fun home. “Xavier students have some less than accurate … Continue reading Sure, solidarity, yeah