Sure, solidarity, yeah

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Jon Hogue Look Alike Runner-Up~

“Students need an opportunity to be in solidarity with communities outside of their own, and we’re excited to offer a fresh, exciting experience for Musketeers,” Marsha Musketeer in the Center for International Education said.

For years, Xavier students have immersed themselves in communities around the world in order to work for and with others. The Office of International Education and Center for Faith and Justice, along with outside groups, are offering a weeklong immersion trip to the Norwood Kroger location to bring this fun home.

“Xavier students have some less than accurate perceptions about Norwood and specifically the ‘Kroghetto’ location. This trip is designed to show students that Norwood residents are just like them,” CFJ Director Ronnie Blob said.

Several students immediately expressed interest in the trip and offered to lead efforts for marketing the program to skeptical students.

Administrators also pitched many of the program’s events to the community. The pitch focuses on the trips meal at Double Dragon II, a midnight shopping trip at Kroger and a Thursday karaoke contest at the new Cancun location.

“Student will become one with the Norwood Plaza folks,” Musketeer remarked. “The weeklong experience includes reflection meetings led by Norwood Plaza McDonald’s employees and a time for students to sit at the bus stop to see what it’s like to not drive from place to place in Cincinnati.”

Trip organizers believe the experience is a resume booster but will be financially difficult for some students.

“The $3,000 price tag is a lot for certain students. We’ve offered a $300 scholarship to cover the Cancun expenses so students can experience everything Norwood Plaza has to offer,” Musketeer explained.

Trip organizers know this trip is a great move for the Xavier community.

“Like, we’re following in the footsteps of Ignatius Loyola. We need to think about people who are outside, like, the Xavier bubble and things,” junior Susan Little said.